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魔兽世界5.4.7改动技能一览 版本改动宠物技能

发布时间:2021-07-01 00:25


Wow重做了5.4.7版本,另外在此次Wow5.4.7的补丁下载中,有15项小宠物技能进行了改动,让我们一起看来一下Wow5.4.7改动技能一览吧,去想起版本改动对小宠物技能的危害。德拉诺之王  Wow5.4.7改动技能一览:  Quake gains a 15% ramping damage bonus.  地震灾害 (佩波用以3轮技能)损害减少15%  Nocturnal Strike has the wording changed:  Base hit chance increased to 100% if the target is Blinded.  盲击杀文本改动,100% 在夜晚或是另一方盲的状况下击中。

  Rapid Fire appears to have gotten a slight damage buff to 112, up from 98.  丘比特比较慢枪击损害减少。  Hawk Eye is buffed from 25% to 75%, but nerfed to 3 turn duration  最废置技能之一的鹰眼侠, BUFF从25% 的暴击伤害减少到75%, 合理地变成3淘汰赛制。

  Crouch have gotten a significant buff and now matches Extra Plating  4 Turn Cooldown  The user lowers its body close to the ground, reducing all damage taken by 50% for 3 rounds. (used to be 3round cd and lasting 2 rounds)  动物和猛兽的50%免伤技能改成和机械专业的一样实际效果。  Significant buff to Adrenal Glands and Stimpack, the -25% accuracy debuff has been removed.  爆虫的纯BUFF技能改成减少暴击伤害50%/5淘汰赛制,提升击中的处罚清除。


此外一个是一样的技能,是暴雪游戏09嘉年华会与众不同小宠物。  Significant buff to Rebuild and Healing Stream. Will heal the user for about 370 and half that to other mech/aquatic pets. Used to only heal all mech pets for a very low amount.  机械设备和水体的废才群疗技能有大幅度的减少实际效果。

  Horn Gore appears to have been nerfed from 95% chance to hit to 90% with no damage change. (used by Zao)  四天神奖赏的牛小宠物的11号方向追斧子技能, 击中减少到90%, 损害稳定。  Collosal buff to Croak  4 Turn Cooldown  100% Hit Chance  Deals 280 Aquatic damage and reduces the enemy pets critical strike chance by 100% for 4 rounds. (used to only debuff enemy pet crit chance with 25% and dealing no damage)  雷神岛的沼泽地蛙得到 巨大BUFF,5号技能变成280损害多加提升另一方暴击伤害100%/4淘汰赛制。  Magic Sword had accuracy lowered to 75% and recieved a damage buff. Going to be a SICK ability when comboed with righteous inspiration. If it hits that be.  它是D3 资料篇小宠物的技能改动, 对现阶段危害并不算太大。

  Natures Ward was clarified:  Wearer takes damage as if they were an Elemental pet.  鹿类小宠物的变原素系由技能文本更为准确。  Smackthat.exe got a minor name change to Smckthat.exe.  小布的技能姓名变动罢了。  Significant buff to Spiked Skin. On a Purple puffer its 69 damage reduced and 51 damage dealt each time you take damage, used to be 34/34.  引擎声盾技能大幅度BUFF,如今变成伤害减免具有多加大幅度减少的引擎声损害。

现在是69/51, 本来是34/34。  NEW  Anzus Blessing have been buffed to give 25% damage AND accuracy bonus.  它是新的资料篇珍藏版小宠物的技能改动,除开损害BUFF外还加了击中BUFF。